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    Platform Overview

    NST Assure leverages cutting edge automation to proactively defend your organization. 

      Threat Surface Management (TSM)

      Identify and protect your dynamic Attack surface and its exposure, continuously. 

      Threat Surface Testing (TST)

      Simulate real-world attacks to validate and mitigate exploitable risks in your environment.


      Our "forward defense" strategy prioritizes prevention over response to combat the constant challenge of security maintenance.

        Ready to Secure your business?
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        Book a free consultation with us to formulate your offensive security strategy

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          Application Security

          Secure your critical applications with comprehensive assessments and improve your DevSecOps practices

          Cloud Security Assessments

          Continuously measure and improve the security posture of your AWS, GCP, Azure and other Cloud environments

          Infrastructure Security

          Secure your internal and external networks from Cyber Attackers

            Partner Security Assessments

            NST Cyber, as an App Defense Alliance-authorized lab, evaluates and certifies your applications' security posture for both Google and developer-initiated ADA CASA assessments.

            Adversary Simulation

            NST Assure Adversary Simulation exercise simulates real-world attacks by APT groups to improve your organization's overall security program. 

              Ready to Secure your business?
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              Book a free consultation with us to formulate your offensive security strategy

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                Gain insights into the latest Enterprise security challenges and solutions from our experts 


                  Access advisories issued by our Security Intelligence team against ongoing threats and compliance requirements 

                    Embedded Devices Security Assessment

                    The Embedded Devices used for various IoT tasks like, Collection, Aggregation, Monitoring and Analysis of data are reviewed with a variety of assessment techniques like:


                    • Passive Analysis through Serial ports
                    • Review of deployed Authentication
                    • Mechanisms in Embedded Devices
                    • Firmware Dumping over JTAC
                    • Firmware Dumping over Flash Chips
                    • External Media-based attacks
                    • Power Analysis and Side Channel-based attacks
                    • IoT Technology Stack analysis
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                    OT Device Stack Analysis

                    Security posture of the software associated with the OT device, starting from firmware that runs on the device, the applications used to control the device, the cloud components connected to the device, and monitoring solutions ingested to the infrastructure are reviewed. This includes the following:


                    • Firmware analysis
                    • Integrity testing
                    • Flow Analysis
                    • Reverse Engineering of the companion applications
                    • Run Time manipulation attacks
                    • Network Communication review
                    • SDK review
                    • Business and Logic Flaw detection
                    • Authentication and Authorization testing
                    • Client-Side injection
                    • Sensitive Data Leakage

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                    Radio Communication Security Assessment

                    Radio Communication protocols like, cellular, WI-Fi, BLE, ZigBee, Wave, 6LoWPAN, LoRa etc., are reviewed for the possibility of attacks such as:


                    • Man-in-the-middle attacks
                    • Replay-based attacks
                    • Insecure Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC) verification
                    • Jamming-based attacks. (Roll-jam attack)
                    • Denial of service (DoS)
                    • Lack of encryption (ADB-S Packet)
                    • Ability to extract sensitive information from radio packets (GQRX or GNU Radio)
                    • Live radio communication interception and modification
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                    Using the latest hardware testing tools and techniques

                    We discover device security concerns down to the chip level using the most up-to-date hardware testing tools and techniques, such as glitching and side-channel analysis with FPGAs. The OWASP IoT Top Ten and other industry standards are followed throughout.

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                    Build security into your product development process

                    Integrate security into the product development process. A product security review, when used early in the design process, can spot parts with known security flaws and prevent future expensive hardware upgrades. Your environment's security as a whole is only as strong as its weakest connection.

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                    Powered by NST Assure

                    You are always in control of managing your security assessment projects, remediation process, and revalidation assessments with NST Assure’s powerful collaboration and orchestration features.

                    • Be in line with security assessment process
                    • Holistic view of the threat posture for any or all assessment projects
                    • Real-time Collaboration with your Security Assessment Team
                    • Schedule Report walkthroughs or Debrief sessions at your convenience
                    • Secure Download of assessment reports and trackers
                    • Understand risk to compliance requirements before it is too late
                    • Focus on what needs attention and cut the noise
                    • Demonstrate ROIs and security posture to Executive teams
                    Simplified Vulnerability Management
                    Test Continuously or At-Scale
                    Increase Pentest ROI
                    Manage Your Entire Attack Surface
                    Security Automation
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