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    Platform Overview

    NST Assure leverages cutting edge automation to proactively defend your organization. 

      Threat Surface Management (TSM)

      Identify and protect your dynamic Attack surface and its exposure, continuously. 

      Threat Surface Testing (TST)

      Simulate real-world attacks to validate and mitigate exploitable risks in your environment.


      Our "forward defense" strategy prioritizes prevention over response to combat the constant challenge of security maintenance.

        Ready to Secure your business?
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        Book a free consultation with us to formulate your offensive security strategy

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          Application Security

          Secure your critical applications with comprehensive assessments and improve your DevSecOps practices

          Cloud Security Assessments

          Continuously measure and improve the security posture of your AWS, GCP, Azure and other Cloud environments

          Infrastructure Security

          Secure your internal and external networks from Cyber Attackers

            Partner Security Assessments

            NST Cyber, as an App Defense Alliance-authorized lab, evaluates and certifies your applications' security posture for both Google and developer-initiated ADA CASA assessments.

            Adversary Simulation

            NST Assure Adversary Simulation exercise simulates real-world attacks by APT groups to improve your organization's overall security program. 

              Ready to Secure your business?
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              Book a free consultation with us to formulate your offensive security strategy

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                Gain insights into the latest Enterprise security challenges and solutions from our experts 


                  Access advisories issued by our Security Intelligence team against ongoing threats and compliance requirements 


                    External Network Penetration Testing

                    NST Assure's Infrastructure Penetration Testing service comprehensively evaluates an organization's IT infrastructure, including internal and external networks and segmentation controls. The service detects potential vulnerabilities and security risks that automated scans might overlook by employing advanced machine learning techniques. This guarantees a comprehensive assessment of the entire IT infrastructure, leading to a detailed report containing actionable suggestions for improving overall security.


                    Segmentation Penetration Testing

                    Segmentation Policy refers to segmenting a network and creating firewall or routing policies to enforce the boundaries between those segments. The segmentation policy is the benchmark for defining the level of access allowed to and from the network. NST Assure Segmentation Penetration Testing follows a thorough and effective testing methodology that supports all segmentation techniques, including physical segmentation, Layer 2 and Layer 3 security controls, micro-segmentation, micro segmentation with SDN and Zero Trust, hypervisor and cloud security controls, without being limited to conventional firewall rule-based isolation. Results from segmentation testing will identify gaps in the enforcement of segmentation policy. 


                    Reports, Trackers and POCs

                    With video POCs (Proof of Concept) for high-and critical-level vulnerabilities, we enable Application Developers to better understand and address security issues. We offer vulnerability prioritization and risk scoring, recognize that the suggested "best solution" is not always the most practical, and provide extensive assistance in creating native or compensative techniques to handle the problem effectively.


                    Internal Penetration Testing

                    As attacks from within can have severe consequences and often go unnoticed, it is crucial to simulate insider threats through internal penetration testing techniques. NST Assure's Internal Penetration Testing evaluates network security measures to prevent unauthorized access to protected data from malicious users. By subjecting vital internal assets to an internal pen test, vulnerabilities are identified, the potential consequences of an exploit are revealed, and appropriate steps can be taken to reduce risk.

                    METHDOLOGY COVERING ALL

                    Industry Standards And Beyond

                    NST Assure's Infrastructure Penetration Testing service follows industry standards such as NIST SP 800-115, PCI DSS, ISO 27001, OSSTMM, and SANS 20 Critical Security Controls for comprehensive network infrastructure penetration testing. These standards provide:

                    • A framework for assessing network security controls.
                    • Identifying potential vulnerabilities.
                    • Recommending actionable solutions to mitigate risk.

                    By adhering to these standards, NST Assure ensures its testing methodology is effective, reliable, and comprehensive.

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                    EFFECTIVE AND TIMELY

                    Vulnerability Management Orchestration (VMO)

                    With Rich Collaboration and Support Features.
                    NST Assure's Continuous Autonomous Penetration Testing, powered by the Vulnerability Management Orchestration (VMO) module, offers rich collaboration and control features for managing vulnerability remediation. Customers can access reports, trackers, POCs, and artifacts, schedule debriefing sessions, and plan the revalidation of findings with a seamless workflow. Vulnerability-specific support actions are available for Critical and High Severity observations, such as disputing observations, requesting more details, revalidating specific vulnerabilities, proposing new severity scores, or requesting additional information about findings.

                    Simplified Vulnerability Management
                    Test Continuously or At-Scale
                    Increase Pentest ROI
                    Manage Your Entire Attack Surface
                    Security Automation
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