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    Platform Overview

    NST Assure leverages cutting edge automation to proactively defend your organization. 

      Threat Surface Management (TSM)

      Identify and protect your dynamic Attack surface and its exposure, continuously. 

      Threat Surface Testing (TST)

      Simulate real-world attacks to validate and mitigate exploitable risks in your environment.


      Our "forward defense" strategy prioritizes prevention over response to combat the constant challenge of security maintenance.

        Ready to Secure your business?
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        Book a free consultation with us to formulate your offensive security strategy

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          Application Security

          Secure your critical applications with comprehensive assessments and improve your DevSecOps practices

          Cloud Security Assessments

          Continuously measure and improve the security posture of your AWS, GCP, Azure and other Cloud environments

          Infrastructure Security

          Secure your internal and external networks from Cyber Attackers

            Partner Security Assessments

            NST Cyber, as an App Defense Alliance-authorized lab, evaluates and certifies your applications' security posture for both Google and developer-initiated ADA CASA assessments.

            Adversary Simulation

            NST Assure Adversary Simulation exercise simulates real-world attacks by APT groups to improve your organization's overall security program. 

              Ready to Secure your business?
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              Book a free consultation with us to formulate your offensive security strategy

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                Gain insights into the latest Enterprise security challenges and solutions from our experts 


                  Access advisories issued by our Security Intelligence team against ongoing threats and compliance requirements 

                    CURATED AND VALIDATED

                    External Attack Surface Management

                    Are you having trouble keeping up with your growing attack surface? You’re not alone. Whether they are aware of it or not, all organisations today are going through ongoing change.

                    With NST Cyber, you can better understand your assets and exposures while also increasing your awareness of them. Utilize our staff, technology, and thorough approach to continuously test your attack surface around the clock to find and fix potential vulnerabilities before attackers do.


                    Application Security Assessments

                    NST Cyber tests for all aspects of application security. We'll assist you in developing safer apps, ensuring compliance, and improving your DevSecOps, from application design procedures through in-depth source code review.

                    NST Cyber does this in 5 key steps:
                    • Determines potential threat actors
                    • Identifies sensitive data worth protecting
                    • Maps out the application’s attack surface
                    • Evaluates application security process pain points
                    • Builds a security roadmap


                    Network & Infrastructure Penetration Testing

                    Network-level vulnerabilities are still one of the most often used attack vectors by malware and hackers. A security audit of your network gives you an overview of the vulnerabilities that a hostile user could exploit if they managed to access your network services that are accessible via the Internet or establish a physical connection to your corporate environment.

                    On internal, internet-facing, and cloud-based IT infrastructure, NST Cyber’s network penetration testing services uncover, validate, and prioritize vulnerabilities.

                    IDENTIFY AND VALIDATE YOUR

                    Cloud Security Assessments

                    Cloud applications are no longer optional. You must figure out a strategy to map, gauge, and manage these risks if you want to lead a secure digital transformation.

                    To find vulnerabilities in public clouds like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Microsoft Azure and Digital Ocean (DO) NST Cyber’s Cloud Penetration Testing (CPT) service combines configuration evaluation with objective-based penetration testing.


                    Red Team Assessments

                    A red team assessment is an attack simulation that is used to gauge how successfully a company can defend itself against actual threat actors. They better equip your company to deal with unexpected cybersecurity attacks.

                    The red team assessment makes use of legitimate, non-destructive attack paths to achieve the level of access necessary to effectively illustrate the seriousness of a potential cyber threat and breach of the networks of our customers.

                    Powered by NST Assure

                    You are always in control of managing your security assessment projects, remediation process, and revalidation assessments with NST Assure’s powerful collaboration and orchestration features.

                    • Be in line with security assessment process
                    • Holistic view of the threat posture for any or all assessment projects
                    • Real-time Collaboration with your Security Assessment Team
                    • Schedule Report walkthroughs or Debrief sessions at your convenience
                    • Secure Download of assessment reports and trackers
                    • Understand risk to compliance requirements before it is too late
                    • Focus on what needs attention and cut the noise
                    • Demonstrate ROIs and security posture to Executive teams
                    Simplified Vulnerability Management
                    Test Continuously or At-Scale
                    Increase Pentest ROI
                    Manage Your Entire Attack Surface
                    Security Automation
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