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    Platform Overview

    NST Assure leverages cutting edge automation to proactively defend your organization. 

      Threat Surface Management (TSM)

      Identify and protect your dynamic Attack surface and its exposure, continuously. 

      Threat Surface Testing (TST)

      Simulate real-world attacks to validate and mitigate exploitable risks in your environment.

      Cyber Threat Informed Defense (CTID)

      Enhance your Threat posture with continuous Control validation and Defense Intelligence.

        Ready to Secure your business?
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        Book a free consultation with us to formulate your offensive security strategy

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          Application Security

          Secure your critical applications with comprehensive assessments and improve your DevSecOps practices

          Cloud Security Assessments

          Continuously measure and improve the security posture of your AWS, GCP, Azure and other Cloud environments

          Infrastructure Security

          Secure your internal and external networks from Cyber Attackers

            Partner Security Assessments

            NST Cyber, as an App Defense Alliance-authorized lab, evaluates and certifies your applications' security posture for both Google and developer-initiated ADA CASA assessments.

            Adversary Simulation

            NST Assure Adversary Simulation exercise simulates real-world attacks by APT groups to improve your organization's overall security program. 

              Ready to Secure your business?
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              Book a free consultation with us to formulate your offensive security strategy

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                Gain insights into the latest Enterprise security challenges and solutions from our experts 


                  Access advisories issued by our Security Intelligence team against ongoing threats and compliance requirements 

                    FOCUS ON VULNERABILITIES

                    That Really Needs Attention with Threat Surface Testing

                    A small fraction of identified vulnerabilities require urgent remediation. Our AI/ML-driven Vulnerability and Risk Prioritization technology directs attention to the most business-impacting vulnerabilities, considering factors such as asset context, deployment models, and adversary regional relevance. This analysis produces a curated list of high-priority, high-risk areas that demand immediate action, allowing for targeted and efficient risk management.


                    Vulnerability and Risk Prioritization

                    Only a small percentage of vulnerabilities identified need immediate attention from a remediation management perspective. Our AI/ML-powered Vulnerability and Risk Prioritization technology help customers to focus their attention on the most business-impacting vulnerabilities by analyzing the affected asset context, deployment models, adversary regional relevance, and other factors. The result is a curated list of “must act” areas that carry maximum business risk.

                    Safe and Controlled Exploitation

                    To measure actual Business Impact

                    Before attackers does

                    Understanding the likelihood and severity of potential attacks is crucial for maintaining cyber hygiene and reducing cyberattack risks. NST Assure Threat Surface Testing evaluates the exploitability of sensitive vulnerabilities identified by Threat Surface Management to thwart attackers. Utilizing algorithmic automation, NST Assure safely validates exploitability, helping to close attack vectors and fortifying your security infrastructure.


                    For Comprehensive Coverage and Results

                    NST Assure's distinctive vulnerability management approach combines automated results with skilled ethical hackers, simulating complex, real-world attacker strategies and tactics. This ensures comprehensive and precise evaluations of security vulnerabilities and their commercial impact. By continuously reporting prioritized, business-impacting vulnerabilities based on asset context, deployment methodologies, adversary regional relevance, and other factors, we deliver a curated list of high-priority vulnerabilities posing the greatest business risk, allowing for targeted action.

                    EFFECTIVE AND TIMELY

                    Vulnerability Management Orchestration (VMO) 

                    With Rich Collaboration and Support Features
                    NST Assure Threat Surface Testing is powered by the NST Assure Vulnerability Management Orchestration(VMO) module that provides rich collaboration and support features allowing you to manage the process of vulnerability mediation with control. Gain complete control over activities like accessing reports, trackers, POCs, and artifacts, scheduling debriefing sessions, and planning revalidation of findings. Several vulnerability-specific support actions are available for sensitive Critical and High Severity observations, including raising a dispute against a security finding, requesting more details, revalidating a specific vulnerability alone, proposing a new severity scoring, or requesting more information about a discovery.

                    Simplified Vulnerability Management
                    Test Continuously or At-Scale
                    Increase Pentest ROI
                    Manage Your Entire Attack Surface
                    Security Automation
                    Connect With Our Experts