Vendor Security Management

Transform Compliance Assurance with Real-time Monitoring, Proactive Threat Management, Better ROI, and Adaptable Framework for Seamless Compliance

Vendor Security Insights

Track the historical security performance of all onboarded vendors, providing a time-series chart to visualize their security posture over a selectable time range

Vendor Security Posture

Gain detailed insights into the security posture of each vendor, including their risk score, name, risk trend, and statistics on vulnerabilities, allowing you to manage vendor risks effectively. Navigate to specific vendor details and dashboards with ease.

Vendor Risk Alerts

Stay informed with top risk alerts for each vendor, offering a clear overview of critical security concerns across all vendors

Public Breach Probability

Assess the likelihood of a public breach targeting the vendor organization. It provides valuable insights for informed decisions on vendor risk management, helping you gauge their vulnerability to public breaches effectively.

Ransomware Attack Probability

Evaluate the likelihood of a successful ransomware attack targeting the vendor organization. This valuable insight assists in assessing and preparing for potential ransomware threats within vendor environments, ensuring effective risk management.

Vendor Security Control Effectiveness

Valuate the vendor's perimeter security control effectiveness to aid vendor assessment and risk management

Collaborate and Manage Vendor Risk

Grant access to the vendor stake holder to their VSM dashboard and notify them about most critical attention needing security issues which needs their attention. Monitor their response to critical security issues and track the progress.

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Continuously discover all exposed assets across all channels, unearth potential threat vectors, validate exposures, and analyze their impact for a comprehensive approach to security

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