Eliminate Attack Vectors

Eliminate the most critical attack vectors in your threat surface by pinpointing the most critical vulnerabilities through rigorous analysis of adversary trends, asset context, deployment models, regional significance, and exploitability
Empower blue teams and SOC analysts with the ability to use Threat Informed Defense (TID) intelligence  to take preventative action in protecting against exploitation efforts

Prioritizing Business Impact

NST Assure identifies and priorities vulnerabilities, emphasizing initial access threat vectors and adversary behavior to address the most critical vulnerabilities first

Continuous Visibility and Immediate Response

With a vigilant eye on externally exposed digital assets, swiftly eradicate attack vectors and respond promptly to the most critical vulnerabilities requiring immediate attention

Empowered Defense

NST Assure Threat Informed Defense (TID) equips your blue teams and SOC analysts for proactive protection against vulnerability exploitation attempts

Zero Day Intelligence

Stay ahead of emerging threats and enhance your defense mechanisms with timely zero-day intelligence

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Continuously discover all exposed assets across all channels, unearth potential threat vectors, validate exposures, and analyze their impact for a comprehensive approach to security

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