The Enterprise Continuous Threat Exposure Management (CTEM) Platform that leverages AI/ML

NST Assure Continuous Threat Exposure Management (CTEM) platform leverages the combined power of algorithmic discovery of threat posture and machine intelligence to help enterprises focus on assessing their threat surface from an attacker's viewpoint, identifying and validating vulnerabilities, and continuously evaluating defenses and processes

External Threat Management with NST Assure CTEM

Traditional external threat management practices create vulnerability fatigue, confusion, and challenges for risk management leaders. NST Assure CTEM platform revolutionizes risk reduction by empowering enterprises to assess external digital assets and prioritize and manage threats associated with it effectively.
Identify Likelihood of Exploitation
Assess your exposure based on the visibility of your attack surface
Inventory and Categorise Exposure
Gain insights into vulnerabilities, threat intelligence, and digital assets
Validate Attack Resilience
Determine if your security controls can detect or prevent potential attacks

Prioritize Risk Reduction and Take Control

Take control of your external attack surface, embrace the shift with a proactive security approach, prioritize risk reduction, and get the answers you seek