Assess Your Security Posture

Transform Compliance Assurance with Real-time Monitoring, Proactive Threat Management, Better ROI, and Adaptable Framework for Seamless Compliance
  • Cloud
  • On-Premise
  • Vendor/Partner
  • Subsidiaries
An "outside-in" analysis of the complete IT environment is provided by conducting the evaluation from the viewpoint of an attacker. Utilizing its proprietary technologies, NST Assure continually and automatically finds dynamic attack surfaces.
Prioritizing attention on the most urgent and critical issues involves evaluating and contextualizing uncovered data before validating observations for exploitability.

Exposure Discovery

Uncover vulnerabilities in known, unknown, and unmanaged digital assets

Comprehensive datasets

Access 65+ datasets across 25 categories, including network assets. Web and mobile applications, APIs, and more

Asset Coverage

Spanning clearnet, deep web, and dark web, NST Assure provides a broad view of your digital assets

Continuous Management

Enjoy continuously managed services to detect and address exposures proactively


Take action to mitigate exposures and protect your organization effectively

Early Detection

Identify vulnerabilities early, reducing potential risks

Business Impact Assessment

Evaluate how exposures can affect your business

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Continuously discover all exposed assets across all channels, unearth potential threat vectors, validate exposures, and analyze their impact for a comprehensive approach to security

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