Automated Assessments

AI & ML-Enhanced Threat Surface Testing for Proactive Vulnerability Validation, Focused Remediation, and Safe Exploitation Assessment

Threat Surface Testing Against Top Priority Threat Surface Observations


Proactive protection against potential cyber attacks through continuous identification and validation of vulnerabilities


Continuous discovery for new and trending vulnerabilities to keep defenses up-to-date


Efficient remediation management by prioritizing vulnerabilities based on risk levels


Focus on incident response of high-priority tasks instead of getting lost in vulnerability noise

That Really Needs Attention with Threat Surface Testing

Focus on the small fraction of identified     vulnerabilities that require urgent remediation
Targeted and efficient risk management of high-priority, high-risk observations that demand immediate action
Vulnerability and Risk Prioritization to curate the most business-impacting vulnerabilities based on:
• Asset Context
• Deployment Models
• Vulnerability Trends Adversary Regional Relevance

To Measure Actual Business Impact Before Attackers Does

Cyber Hygiene

Understanding likelihood and severity of potential attacks for maintaining cyber hygiene and reducing cyberattack risks

Thwart Attacker Attempts

Evaluation of the exploitability of sensitive vulnerabilities identified by Threat Surface Discovery to thwart attacker attempts


Safe validation of exploitability to close attack vectors and fortify security infrastructure

Commercial Impact

Simulation of complex, real-world attacker strategies and tactics to ensure comprehensive and precise evaluations of vulnerabilities and their commercial impact

Threat Emulation Based on Trends

Auto-triggered penetration testing activated by changes in security posture for real-time vulnerability assessment
Real-time, adaptive testing keeps pace with evolving security configurations for continuous protection
Consistently identify the potential for zero-day and trending vulnerabilities and tracking their potential for exploitation
Periodic emulation of adversary behavior and the evaluation of security controls' resilience

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Continuously discover all exposed assets across all channels, unearth potential threat vectors, validate exposures, and analyze their impact for a comprehensive approach to security

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