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The Power of MITRE SoT and Threat Surface Management in Supply Chain Security

CISOs worldwide are on a mission to prioritize supply chain security to ensure their organization's overall cybersecurity posture remains strong. Supply chain security is a critical aspect of cybersecurity for organizations that work with external vendors or suppliers. A comprehensive third-party risk management program is necessary to assess and mitigate the potential risks associated with these relationships. This includes evaluating vendor cybersecurity controls using frameworks like the MITRE System of Trust and ongoing vendor threat surface management to identify and remediate any vulnerabilities or threats.

Threat surface Management can complement the evaluation of cyber security controls assessed by the MITRE System of Trust (SoT). The MITRE SoT evaluates the trustworthiness of software and hardware components from a cybersecurity perspective and provides a comprehensive set of criteria and evaluation methods for assessing the security, reliability, and resilience of technology products. On the other hand, threat surface monitoring continuously monitors an organization's attack surface to identify and assess potential vulnerabilities and threats.

By combining the MITRE SoT with vendor threat surface management, organizations can gain a more comprehensive view of their cybersecurity posture. Threat surface monitoring can help identify new vulnerabilities or threats that may arise after evaluating cybersecurity controls and provide continuous feedback to the organization. This enables the organization to take action to remediate new vulnerabilities or threats as they emerge, improving its overall security posture.

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