CTEM in Financial Cybersecurity

The financial sector stands as a cornerstone of the global economy, demanding the highest level of security. In an era of rapid digitalization and increasing reliance on online platforms, the exposed attack surface of financial service organizations has grown exponentially. Tool kits like Attack Surface Management (ASM) have been used by organizations to scan the digital landscape, identifying, and evaluating with the objective of fortifying all external digital assets. However, such tool kits have been known to bombard overburdened vulnerability management teams with noisy observations.

At the forefront of the cybersecurity efforts are the CISOs, responsible for shaping the organization's security strategy. Continuous Threat Exposure Management (CTEM) has emerged as a practical and comprehensive alternative to ASM. Being a program and not a tool kit, it plays a key role in enhancing cybersecurity by consistently identifying exposure and threats, validating the likelihood of exploitation, and assisting in threat mitigation. CISOs, known for their strategic vision and hands-on approach, leverage CTEM for real time risk reduction for their organizations.